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Permanent lifeline Systems



Permanent lifeline Systems

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TSS Lifeline Systems

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Temporary lifeline Systems - Horizontal

  • The Horizon- PN 3000 is a Horizontal Anchorage Life Line made up of 30 mm Polyester Webbing equipped with the Ratchet Tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two structures. Both the ends are provided with Auto Locking Steel Karabiners (Our Ref PN 113)
  • The whole system is supplied in a bag, which is permanently attached to the assembly and also enables the user to easily carry the system with the help of comfortable shoulder hanging straps provided in the bag
  • Once fitted, you can easily put back the extra webbing not deployed along the length, into the Bag
  • Conforms to EN 795:1996, Class B
  • Available Length- Total 20m, thus the user can use it for a length ranging from 5m to 20m
  • Tested & Certified for use by Two Users simultaneously

Temporary Lifeline Systems

  • Easy to install
  • Permanent HLL system

Stainless steel, powder-coated steel, aluminum, and polyester

Min. Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs.

TSS (Total Safety Solution) Fall Protection Absorbinator Lifeline Kit is the ultimate in horizontal lifeline systems.
The Absorbinator is an energy absorber, used in combination with two anchorage connectors, which functions to absorb and reduce impact forces resulting from the energy generated by a fall. This kit includes a variety of equipment configuration options, including cross arm straps, CB Anchors, column and ceiling mounting functionality, and more. The maximum length of any Absorbinator horizontal lifeline system is 100 feet. 2 Absorbinators are required for any system between 60 to 100 feet in length. Each Absorbinator system is designed for use by up to 2 workers in Fall Arrest.


Horizontal Lifeline Absorbinator Attachment System:
for applications under 60′


Horizontal Lifeline Absorbinator Attachment System:
for applications over 60′

  • Easy to install
  • Complete HLL kit
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight and durable

Length: 30′, 60′, 100′
Lifeline Material(s):
Galvanized steel and kernmantle
Min. Breaking Strength:
5,000 lbs.
Max # of Users:


TSS Fall Protection Kernmantle Rope Horizontal Lifeline System is a temporary, reusable, two-person system designed for Fall Arrest applications. It includes (1) Kernmantle Rope, (1) Ultra-Sack storage bag, (2) O-rings, (2) cross arm straps, (1) rope tensioner, and (2) self-closing and self-locking carabineers. The Ultra-Sack is convenient, durable, and ideal for transporting equipment around the jobsite, and also offers protection from contaminants. The two cross arm straps function as durable anchorage connectors that can be reused in multiple applications. Always ensure that all aspects of horizontal lifeline installation, inspection, and maintenance are supervised by a Qualified Person.


Looking for Safety Solutions on your project?

Permanent Lifeline Systems

  • Steel wire type
  • Steel or aluminum rail type

TSS offer a wide range of product range from various manufacturers and are able to offer the most suitable and economical solution for each application.
TSS systems are suitable for sandwich panel roofs, standing seam roofs using drilled, riveted or clamp type connections fully compliant to EN 795.
We supply and install Horizontal lifelines to overhead cranes and walkways in industrial plants.

  • Steel wire type
  • Rail type
  • Ladder type

TSS offer a wide range of product range from various manufacturers and are able to offer the most suitable and economical solution for each application.
TSS vertical systems are suitable for cage type ladders, tower access, chimneys, mine shafts, manholes,telecommunication, power and wind towers.
A wide range of clamps are available for connection to all shape and sizes of ladder rungs.
All systems offered by TSS are fully complaint to EN 795.

Supply and Installation of Permanent Anchor Posts, Eye Bolts and Devices:

Anchor Posts and Devices made to EN 795 are a vital part of a fall protection system.
Fall protection anchor points are usually installed on the roof or walls and are used to connect lanyards, lifelines and other forms of tie-off which prevent a worker from falling.

We offer a wide variety of products from many top quality height safety manufacturers including Canasafe, Miller, Tractel, Spanset.
There is great choice of products and options on this range.
Anchorages can be permanently fixed (installed systems) or mobile (portable) dependant on the users requirements.