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Safety nets protect workers on site by minimising the distance of fall as well as absorbing the energy of falls.
They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height whilst providing freedom of movement and collective protection for the workers above as well as providing protection against falling objects for workers below.
In the majority of situations safety nets have advantages over other forms of fall arrest. Most Health & Safety Executives and Authorities regard nets as their “preferred method of fall arrest when working at height”.
Our safety nets comply with stringent European regulations and are annually tested in laboratories to ensure their compliance.

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For an effective Safety Net system 3 vital points must be ensured:

1 - Safety Net compliance with EN 1263-1
2 - Safety Net rigging carried out by trained competent workers
3 - Safety Net equipment systematically maintained

Auxiliary Components of Safety Net

Tying Rope:

used to attach the net to the structure. Minimum Break load: 30KN or 15KN (double strand)

Border Rope:

weaved through the perimeter of the nets and tested to the requirement of EN1263-1. Minimum break load is 30KN.


Ropes’s General Characteristics:

Application: Prevention of Falls from height
Class: UNE EN 1891
Material: High Tenacity Polyamide.
Diameter: 11mm



Safety nets with border ropes with an area exceeding 35m2, the smallest side being over 5 m in length, used for horizontal use in industrial warehouses, bridges, and overhead roof work.


A2 with mesh dimension of 100x100 cord thickness 5mm. Manufactured in high tenacity polypropylene with UV treatment to resist sun damage.

Safety Net for Skydive Dubai

TSS Safety Net for Events

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We have a variety of net sizes in our Sale and Rental stock.
TSS also offer a Contract supply & erect service with trained operatives or alternatively offer training to their customers.

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TSS Vertical Nets

TSS (Total Safety Solutions) supplies and installs Vertical nets in line with the requirements of EN 13374 , the European standard for Temporary Edge Protection. Nets are manufactured to EN 1263-1 and the application of such nets used vertically is covered in the standard as System U.

TSS Vertical Net is supplied with a second layer of Debris Net to prevent fall of small object and in particular splatters from cement and plaster work. Each unit is supplied with an integral high grade Profiled Aluminium Tube at every floor location and is attached to the slab using a Loose Attachment which retains the tubes and is designed to be used with blockwork in mind. Multi-level Nets can be relocated in one lift saving crane time and avoiding site delays.

TSS offer aunique offering of Sale, Rental and Contract supplyand installation of:

• Fall Prevention (Temporary Edge Protection Systems, guardRailing)
• Fall Protection (Safety Netting, Safety Net Fans).
• Fall Protection Horizontal and Vertical Lifeline system.
• Fall Arrest, Rescue and PPE Systems.

We have an extensive Industry approved Training Programs for Height Safety activities.

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