Safety Nets protect workers on site by minimizing the distance of fall as well as absorbing the energy of falls.
They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height whilst providing freedom of movement and collective protection for the workers above as well as providing protection against falling objects for workers below.
In the majority of situations safety nets have advantages over other forms of fall arrest. Most Health & Safety Executives and Authorities regard nets as their “preferred method of fall arrest when working at height”.
Our safety nets comply with stringent European regulations and are annually tested in laboratories to ensure their compliance.


TSS Vertical Nets

Market leaders in the working at height and fall safety systems for Multi discipline
industry with over 50 years experience in the Fall Safety Systems, organic growth through referral and customer satisfaction.

Range of offering best suited to the job through consultancy and direct end user

TSS offer aunique offering of Sale, Rental and Contract supplyand installation of:

• Fall Prevention (Temporary Edge Protection Systems, guardRailing)
• Fall Protection (Safety Netting, Safety Net Fans).
• Fall Protection Horizontal and Vertical Lifeline system.
• Fall Arrest, Rescue and PPE Systems.

We have an extensive Industry approved Training Programs for Height Safety activities.