Sport and Leisure

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Sports Nets

TSS sport nets can provide the full range of sporting and protective netting for stadiums, sports halls, sports centers, sports nets, golf courses, tennis courts, cricket training pitches, soccer clubs, home and more. Available for indoor practice nets, divisional nets, canvases, and roof/ lights/ window protection nets. All UV stabilised polypropylene synthetic netting. Water shrink and sunlight resistant. Heavy duty border cords are available to give extra strength. This product is very versatile and can be used for many indoor sporting activities.


Gym Divider Nets

At TSS (Total Safety Solutions) we are the specialists in Gym Divider Curtains. Our gym divider nets are customized to fit any area. Divider nets are an important part of many sports facilities and can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, cricket and more. The versatility of the curtain divider nets are the perfect solution for maximizing the use of space without expanding or rebuilding. The nets allows large open spaces to be divided into smaller sections creating a visual barrier between courts/area. This solution increases privacy between the spaces and minimizes distractions between the courts. It has the added safety benefits of containing airborne objects causing hazards to other players and spectators. We offer UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Middle East and Africa sales, installation and repairs plus the best quality and design for durable sports netting and nets.

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TSS Safety Nets for Playgrounds

To protect the children in playgrounds against fall and hard surfaces.

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Light Protection Nets

Netting required to protect acoustic tiles and lights in sport halls and industrial halls. Netting is also used to cover mezzanine floor area.

Pool Safety Net

Pool Safety Net

The TSS pool safety net is specifically designed as a barrier to help protect children from exposed open water. Rather like a large tennis racket, the net is stretched over the pool and anchored with flush mounted fasteners. Swimming pools , spa´s , split decks and rockeries present no difficulty as the TSS net is shaped to suit the water feature.