Plastic Formwork

  • Large columns construction
  • Foundation plynths construction
  • Lintels and curtain walls construction
  • Building foundations for electricity pylons
  • Renovation of degraded columns

Plastic (ABS) Formwork System for construction

An efficient formwork system for constructions can solve many problems in the building site and represents an excellent way to save on costs of manufacture. TSS offers many products able to realize a formwork for concrete that can satisfy a wide range of necessities: building walls, round columns, square and rectangular pillars, elliptic columns until to build an entire prefabricated house. TSS Formworks are made of a recyclable plastic material that substitutes efficiently the traditional timber formwork, uncomfortable to use and to storage. Moreover, TSS’s products are lighter, faster to implement, modular (so it is possible to realize pillars, columns or walls of different shapes and dimensions), reusable many times. TSS plastic material (ABS) installations are extremely smooth, resulting in a high quality, homogeneous finish. Our wall installations have a wide range of panels and dimensions, satisfying any kind of architectural design concept. The extreme lightness of TSS Plastic formwork (max 11 kg) allows for fast handling and can be easily installed by a single worker.