TSS Lifeline on Cold Deck

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TSS Lifeline on Cold Deck

The fixing bracket for cold deck roofs has a unique design that distributes the load evenly. Combined with the energy absorbing mechanism of the SecuRope NEO lifeline, it is the best system for fragile roofs. Supplied with self-drilling screws specially designed for their high pull out strength. Ideal for the maintenance and repair of any industrial facility. Safe access to solar panels, ventilation outlets, roof skylights, and gutters.

Applications of Lifeline on Roof

Maintenance of industrial roofs

Features and Benefits

lifeline on cold deck

NEO Anchor on fixing assembly

The bracket ensures a homogeneous distribution of the pull-out force on the cold deck roof. The bracket is fixed on the corrugated metal sheet with self-drilling screws. The sealing tape in EPDM ensures the watertightness.

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SecuRope NEO Lifeline system on Cold Deck