TSS Lifeline on Hot Deck

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TSS Lifeline on Hot Deck

The Multipost and SpotAnchor are designed for hot deck roofs. High resistance toggle bolts enable the fixation on corrugated metal sheets, wooden panels or precast concrete. Only the toggle bolt passes through the isolation, eventually the thermal bridges occurring are minimized. The roofing collar, in bitumen or PVC-P, is prefitted in the factory to guarantee the waterproofness. Easier to retrofit on existing buildings.

Applications of Lifeline on Roof

Maintenance of industrial roofs
Maintenance of residential roofs
Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs

Features and Benefits

lifeline system on hot deck

NEO Anchor on fixing assembly

The bracket ensures a homogeneous distribution of the pull-out force on the cold deck roof. The bracket is fixed on the corrugated metal sheet with self-drilling screws. The sealing tape in EPDM ensures the watertightness.

security rope for lifeline system on hot deck

SecuRope NEO sur bac chaud