TSS Lifeline on Standing Seam Roof

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TSS Lifeline on Standing Seam Roof

The fixing bracket for standing seam roof is clamped on the seam and doesn’t require any perforation. A wide range of clamps is available which fit perfectly to the various standing seam roof types. The clamps combine high pull out and shear strength. Combined with the SecuRope NEO lifeline, the system completely absorbs the dilatation and contraction of the metallic standing seam roof. Easy to install on new constructions or existing buildings.

Applications of Lifeline on Roof

Maintenance of industrial roofs
Maintenance of residential roofs
Maintenance of airport roofs
Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs

Features and Benefits

lifeline on standing seam roof

NEO Anchor on fixing assembly

The cross ensures a proper fixing on the standing seam and load distribution. The clamp can be installed anywhere along the seam. Easy installation.

lifeline system on roof

SecuRope NEO lifeline on standing seam roof