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Roof Safety System

TSS Roof Safety System is designed to provide safety for workers on the roof and prevent major causes of accidents from the roof. As roofs require safety for maintenance, inspection, and repair, it is critical to select the right roof safety systems. Our roof safety systems are categorized into Temporary lifeline systems and Permanent lifeline systems, Temporary lifeline systems, Guardrail systems, skylight protection, roof walkway systems, and walkway mat. Our designs for rooftop systems provide safe access on the roof whilst preventing and arresting falls around service equipment and parapet edges. All of the abovementioned systems are manufactured and tested in compliance with relevant EN standards, installed and supplied with Warranties and Liability insurance cover, giving the customer peace of mind.

Permanent Lifeline Systems

Temporary Lifeline Systems

Skylight Protection

Roof Walkway System

TSS Guardrails


Most frequent questions and answers about fall protection equipment and fall arrest system

Due to sun UV degradation and natural erosion UPVC skylight panels, if left without maintenance, may change color and blend in with the surrounding roof sheets. Walking on these fragile UPVC surfaces can cause fatal accidents for workers, so it is vital that the appropriate protective equipment is used to prevent accidents and fatalities.

Skyguard protection screen is a preferred safety measure where workers need to gain access to the roof and such risk is unavoidable.

The skylight protection screen’s primary purpose is to arrest the fall of a worker accidentally stepping on to and falling through the fragile skylight panels. The protection screens must therefore have a dynamic energy absorbing capacity to arrest the fall of workers and be securely connected to the roof structure to avoid weather damage during its lifetime of use.

Skylight protection screens are tested to BS EN19873 and ACR Red Book Test procedure for non-fragility of roof assemblies.

Skyguard is a practical solution which protects workers from accidentally stepping on and falling through the skylight panels when accessing the roof of structures.
Skyguard’s mesh structure ensures roof lights can easily be covered by strong energy absorbing steel mesh panels mounted onto roof sheeting whilst avoiding the blocking of light and building illumination.

TSS Skyguard screens range in size and shape in order to cover any type of industrial skylight.

Skyguards are covered by a 10-year warranty subject to terms and conditions. All the elements of the system are Hot Dip Galvanised or Powder coated for longevity.

A regular regime of Maintenace and inspection that covers all fall prevention and fall protection systems on the roof is a sound strategy to ensure a longer life for skylight protection screens. During the lifespan of the screens, the protective pads and waterproofing tapes at the connection points to the roof may need replacing hence increasing the longevity of the screens.

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