TSS Rubbish Chutes are used in the construction sector to safely discharge rubble from different floors of a building to avoid scattering of debris and any accidental damage to workers or pedestrians in the vicinity.


  • Can be installed on slabs, scaffolding and steel frames
  • Highly Durable: UV stabilised
  • Easily stack-able and transportable

Coupling System

For ease of assembly and for maximum safety the two point coupling system is fitted into a strengthened rim. This coupling system as well as the hook insure resistance and stability of the column during the unloading of rubble, preventing breakages in case of overload. The safety hinge allows a firm hold of the load avoiding any accidental releasing.

Stackable with anti-joint stacking system

The chute is equipped with a four-side spacer for stacking without products getting stuck inside each other. This system is also useful for transport and storage.

Fastening System

Each TSS rubbish chute is equipped with a two point fastening system, chains and high resistance hooks which fasten into a reinforced rim. This system guarantees safety, resistance and stability during discharging operations and prevents breakage during overload. Hooks are equipped with safety clips which guarantee a secure grip and prevent unfastening.

Stackable with anti-joint stacking system Rubbish-Chutes-System-Dubai-Garbage-Chutes-System-for-construction-UAE-TSS-Total-Safety-Solution-fall-protection-system



The TSS hopper has been designed to guarantee an easier and cleaner loading operation thanks to its shape, incline and size of the opening. Its structural solidity efficiently absorbs impact.

Stackable Hopper

The stackable hopper can store up to 25 units per pallet. This feature greatly facilitates transport and handling and reduces volume, transport costs and warehousing space.

Continuity of the column

The hopper allows for column continuity between floors so that simultaneous discharges can be easily carried out without debris interference from other floors. The material used supports and absorbs impact.

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