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Fall Arrest System


Alsipercha Fall Arrest System

Alsipercha is a personal fall protection system, that provides effective overhead protection for those who are exposed to falls when working at heights.This revolutionary system, with more than 15 years of presence in the market, includes a built-in energy-absorber device (diagonal) that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and to the structure, in case of fall.Thanks to a wide range of accessories, the Alsipercha can be installed in multiple situations and industrial environments, being one of the most versatile and effective overhead fall protection systems in the market. In compliance with standards: EN-795 (CE certified), OSHA/ANSI (USA), and CSA (CANADA).

The Alsipercha is a personal fall arrest system, consisting of a steel body and a self retractable lifeline that locks when acceleration occurs during a fall (like a car seat belt). It provides total freedom of movement, as it rotates 360 º on its own axis.
Widely used in construction, it can also be used in Industrial and Logistics sectors, thanks to its wide versatility, with multiple possible configurations.

Alsipercha + Conical tube

Alupercha + Conical tube

Alsipercha + Wall bracket

Alsipercha + Tripod

Alsipercha + Rail

Alsipercha + Column Clamps

Alsipercha + MF Counterweight system

Alsipercha + Post for reduced spaces

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