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Alsipercha Column Clamps Fall Arrest System


Alsipercha + Column Clamps Fall Protection System

Whenever you have a steel column like IPE, IPN, HEB type (widths between 150 and 450 mm), then the Column Clamps accessory is the perfect solution to combine with the Alsipercha and provide an effective overhead fall protection to users.Mainly used into industrial environments, loading or unloading trucks, doing maintenance over machines or buildings, with difficult access, the column clamp is the perfect accessory to take full advantages of the Alsipercha overhead fall protection system.

Advanced design that includes an adjustable mechanism, covering the most common steel column widths on the market (open distances from 150 to 450 mm). The column clamp accessory consists of a pair of adjustable clamps distanced by 1m, and a bottom sleeve where the Alsipercha is then going to be positioned. The installation process is quick and simple, being done in just a few steps and by the use of conventional tools.

Standards of Alsipercha + Conical Tube

normativa alsipercha tubo
instalacion grua alsipercha

Features and Benefits

Simple to install and use

The installation procedure to begin using the Alsipercha system with the column clamps is easy and intuitive.The user can start using the system in the designated areas in just a few steps.

alsipercha-column-clamps Fall Arrest application construction Saudi Arabia UAE Oman Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Lebanon Azerbaijan Egypt Dubai Jordan Russia ME Doka Gulf Combisafe keeSafety TCE Honeywell TSS

Versatile and effective

The Alsipercha system with column clamps, provides an effective fall protection solution for those who are exposed to fall hazards when developing multiple tasks, such as:
Loading / unloading trucks
Working on tanker trucks
Maintenance or inspection tasks where there is a risk of falling from a height
Safe access within industrial environments

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