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Vertifan Protection Screen System


TSS Vertifan option 1 could be described as an evolution of the TSS traditional Safety Net Fan Solution. The safety net fan requirement has grown and is now recognized by many major contractors and authorities as a must-have safety solution. The Vertifan demonstrates a major step forward for our clients, with this particular product development.
TSS Vertifan option 2 is a robust perimeter edge protection system that provides full height floor to floor edge protection, in conjunction with the single working platform at the top and the fully integrated extra-wide safety fan.

  • Designed as a one piece self climbing unit
  • Double layer vertical netting
  • Lightweight (All Aluminium System) efficient engineering
  • Self Climbing, therefore crane independent
  • Integral Safety Net Fan attachment to catch any falling materials
  • Full Vertical floor to floor height protection, double layer safety netting + hand railing
  • Much closer positioning of fans under slab formwork
  • Top working platform to facilitate slab formwork operation or post tensioning
  • Movement of vertifan in tandem with slab formwork

Vertifan Protection Screen Types

System Information T1F2

System Information T1F3

System Information T2F2

System Information T2F3

Needle Slab Attachment​

The Needle Slab Attachments are the main supporting mechanism for the TSS Vertifan units, in terms of connection and vertical movement along the building facade.
Integrated with the aluminum spine beam channels, the needles allow for, fixed positioning, vertical and horizontal adjustment, and controlled movement of Vertifan from floor to floor.

  • Safety click hook to allow the Vertifan to travel vertically while ensuring the units cannot drop down
  • Guided rollers for controlled movement
  • Swing arms which aid ease of installation of the vertifan into the needles during erection
  • Attachment points for the electric lifting cobra frame
  • Facility for cast-in anchor or post-fixed anchor, during installation

Cobra Hoist Lifting System

The Cobra Hoist lifting system is the innovative mechanism for lifting the Vertifan units vertically from one floor to the next.
The main purpose of the lifting system is to provide a safety edge enclosure system that can be 100% crane independent during re-positioning.
The Cobra Hoist has been designed to fit onto the slab needle attachment at the upper levels, ensuring a robust connection of the units to the floor slab.
The system comes complete with a pair of electric motors which are controlled together by a pair of handheld remotes.

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