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This is to bring to your attention that in recent months, some of the traders in UAE have started offering and supplying SAFETY NET FANS with nets sourced from unknown and uncertified factories, which are not accredited by any organization for the production of safety nets.

This presents a lot of potentially fatal risks to the worker and members of the public as the suitability and dynamic load absorption are neither tested nor measured.

Safety Systems, especially Safety Net Fans, are complex assemblies of various components. There is an opportunity for a supplier to cut corners and sell cheaper to an unsuspecting purchasing officer who thinks he has made a good saving for the company or a Contractor who sees safety as a cost and intends on buying cheaper just to keep the consultant or client happy, with serious consequences.

The following points must be adhered to qualify a Safety Net element as compliant:

1. Manufacturer’s Independent Test report to establish the dynamic load capacity of nets. Nets are manufactured to either Class A or B depending on the Dynamic energy absorption. For Safety Net Fans it must be class B1.
2. Label: the nets must have a label permanently stitched onto the nets. The label must mention the
   a, ID Number: each net must have a unique ID number for traceability.
   b, Manufacturer and supplier of nets.
   c, Date of manufacture, and first date of use on site.
   d, Class of net and standard of manufacture.
   e, Net material, and annual testing method.
   f, Next due date of testing. Nets must be tested at least once a year.
3. Test Tags: Nets must carry at least 3 test tags with ID numbers corresponding to the net for annual testing. Nets are affected by UV and must be tested at least once a year. Otherwise, the net is only valid for a year from the first date of use.
4. Border Rope: The net element of Fans must have a 15KN rope around its border to ensure that objects are retained in the net in case of fall.

In conclusion, we ask our customers and end users to ensure that they select systems wisely so that their investments in safety products are compliant with EN Standards and in line with Local Regulations. 

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