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GRIPPERFIX® Utility Mounting System

Why Choose the GRIPPERFIX Utility Mounting System?

Metal roofing offers a durable and maintenance-free roofing solution. Its lifespan is significantly reduced when inferior rooftop mounting is performed. GRIPPERFIX is a convenient method for attaching rooftop ancillaries without compromising roof integrity, warranties or safety. GRIPPERFIX provides the cost-effective, secure, rust-free and long-lasting metal-rooftop mount you need.


• No penetration of standing seam roof
• No field-applied sealants needed
• Ease of installation
• Eliminates corrosion and rust
• No damage to roof system
• Free flow of rainwater under struts
• Lower cost than all the wrong ways!

Durable and Reliable

The 6000 series aluminum strut with stainless steel hardware is designed to last the life of the roof. Factory-applied, EPDM offers a weatherproof seal on exposed-fastened applications.


Installs in Minutes

Designed with ease of installation in mind – two struts with hardware can be installed in under seven minutes.

Versatile Mounting for Almost Any Application

Adjustable in both axes; mount anywhere on the roof with any number of anchorages desired. Load are distributed over multiple bearing points.

Available for Standing Seam and Exposed-Fastened Metal Roofs

Long-term metal roofs deserve long-term, durable attachment methods. GRIPPERFIX is a perfect fix for installing HVAC, satellite dishes, light fixtures, conduit, service walkways, solar PV power electronics and other rooftop utilities. Offering a zero-penetration attachment solution for standing seam and other concealed-fastened roofs, GRIPPERFIX also securely attaches to exposed-fastened roofs - all while still allowing free drainage beneath the system.

Standing Seam

Simplify utility attachment with patented, non-penetrating S-5! clamps and GRIPPERFIX technology. The system is compatible with all standing seam metal roof profiles.

This safe and cost-effective rooftop attachment system requires only the strut, Mini clamps and Concealed-Fix (CF) Tabs. Just slide the tabs into the strut and attach to the top of the clamp with stainless bolts provided.


All you need is the GRIPPERFIX strut, self-piercing fasteners (included) and Exposed-Fix (EF) Tabs. Slide the tabs into the strut and fasten to the roof’s ribs. The result: an affordable, secure, rust-free and long-lasting rooftop mount.

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