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Meshguard System

Edge Protection Systems are the first line of defence when working at height. TSS Meshguard System utilises steel mesh barriers to protect the open edges on concrete, steel and timber structures. With its industry established connection detail, Meshguard delivers speedy assembly with economy and safety in mind.
The flexibility and user friendly features of Meshguard are fundamental to safe working at height. Components are robust and are powder coated or Galvanized finished for a long life and exposure to extreme weather climates. The use of System Temporary Edge Protection makes a significant contribution to the reduction of falls on site due to ease of use, increased safety and compliance to EN 13374 Class A & B.

  • Provides enhanced protection against falls of objects and workers

Steel Meshguard Types

TSS Meshguard is the universal safety solution for all edge pro­tection needs.
It is suitable slab formwork, for safeguarding slab edges or as fall arrest barriers on the structure shell.

TSS Meshguard 1325

TSS Meshguard 2285

TSS Meshguard 2585


TSS Meshguard Extender

You can use your logo and color

TSS Meshguard system is available in different color and logo as your company branding.

Meshguard on Formwork

We are constantly developing new edge protection products, services and solutions in order to meet the requirements of creating safe working sites. A working method has been developed with which we already at the designing stage are present to develop solutions according to an established structure – an Edge Protection Analysis. We identify situations where a risk of falling may be present, and solutions are then specified already at the design stage. We co-operate with the project management, designers and local managers to create safe working sites.

  • Provides enhanced protection against falls of objects and workers

Universal Formwork Attachment

Regardless of formwork beam type, Universal Formwork Attachment fits all brands and types of beams on the market.
Only 3 components required:
Universal Formwork Attachment
Socket Post

TSS Clamp Socket

TSS Timber Beam Foot & Alumin Beam Foot

TSS Meshguard Socketed Post

Meshguard Toeboard Retainer

Used for both holding and keeping meshguard at place. Optional Toeboard Retainer can be used to provide an additional connection between Socket post and Meshguard panels. 
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