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Fall Protection Solutions

Lifeline systems are fall protection systems designed to safely stop (arrest) the fall of worker/s from a working level. Lifeline systems reduce fall distance (minimized line deflection) while effectively managing system forces to maintain a safe connection to a variety of roof structures.

Lifeline systems are designed to be installed on steel or concrete roof-deck-wall structures.  They are specially designed to reduce the forces generated at all points of a lifeline imposed on the structure by utilizing a shock absorber unit. They are designed to be used by 1-4 users depending on the type of fixing, anchors and configuration.

Lifeline systems may be used in temporary or permanent applications in horizontal, vertical, or overhead configuration. The system consists of anchorage (which may be a line or a single anchor point), connectors (which may be a trolley or runner connected to the line on one end and the user’s lanyard at the other), and a body harness. It also may include a deceleration device (otherwise known as Inertia blocks or self-retractable lines SRL), or suitable combinations of these.

Permanent Lifeline System

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Alsipercha Fall Arrest System

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