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TSS (Total Safety Solutions) are market leaders in the working at height and fall safety systems within a multi discipline industry. Since its inception, TSS has grown organically, predominantly through referral and customer satisfaction which is a testament to the high standards we work to and our dedication to our customers. Within the business we have over 50 years experience in the Fall Safety Systems.

Total Safety Solutions (TSS) have a unique offering of Sale, Rental and Contract supply of Fall Prevention (Temporary Edge Protection systems, guard Railing) , Fall Protection (Safety Netting, Safety Net Fans) , Fall Arrest and PPE systems for Construction, Industrial, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas sector within the MENA region.

We have an extensive Industry approved Training Programs for Height Safety activities.

TSS Safety Net Fan
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TSS Safety Net Fan – Extra Wide type

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Fall Protection System

Total Safety Solutions has developed the TSS Safety Net Fan as a result of a comprehensive study of the problems associated with the falling of objects and workers as well as risks of falling objects for the workers or members of public. Different sizes are available to perfectly adapt the system to your requirements and applications.


Edge Protection System

Temporary Edge Protection systems are the first line of defence when working at height. TSS Meshguard System utilises steel mesh barriers to protect the open edges on concrete, steel and timber structures. With its industry established connection detail, Meshguard delivers speedy assembly with economy and safety in mind.


Load Handling Systems

The retractable platform system for efficient material transport. Authorized licensee of Preston Australia, the world renowned designer and manufacturer Loading Platforms.
Safe and efficient loading and off-loading of material.
Installed vertically in line, for reduced crane time and increased safety and productivity.


Fall Protection Systems

Safety nets protect workers on site by minimizing the distance of fall as well as absorbing the energy of falls. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height whilst providing freedom of movement and collective protection for the workers above as well as providing protection against falling objects for workers below.


Sport and leisure

We can provide the full range of sporting and protective netting for stadiums, sports halls, sports centers, golf courses, tennis courts, cricket training pitches, soccer clubs, home and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports Nets, Sports Hall Netting, Gym Divider Nets, Light Protection Nets, Pool Safety Net


Sport and leisure

To protect the children in parks and play area against fall and hard surfaces.

Edge-Protection-System-TSS-Shaftgate-Shaft-gate- lift elevator Fall-Protection-System-in-Uae-Dubai-Abu-Dhabi-Safety-First-Safety-Solution

Edge Protection Systems

•  Adjustable in width supplied in two sizes 0.90 – 1.20m and 1.20 – 1.50mm
•  Lockable hinge facility
•  Available in 1.58m or 1.8m heights
•  Steel mesh type protection

horizontal lifeline Permanent Lifeline life line lifeline-on-standing-seam-roof

Fall Protection Equipment – Lifeline Systems

Flexible horizontal lifeline systems are for the attachment of personal protective equipment (PPE) for protection against falls from height. These systems are used for fall arresting.
  • Permanent lifeline Systems – Horizontal, Vertical, Anchor Point
  • Rescue Devices & Equipment
Temporary-lifeline-Systems Horizontal,-Vertical,-Permanent-lifeline-Systems--Horizontal,-Vertical,-Anchor-Point-Rescue-Devices-&-Equipment-TSS-TOtal-SAfety-SOlution-UAE

Fall Protection Equipment – Lifeline Systems

Flexible Lifeline Systems vertical solutions provide outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed ladder.
  • Temporary lifeline Systems – Horizontal, Vertical,
  • Rescue Devices & Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fall Protection Equipment and Kits
  • Rescue Devices & Equipment

Garbage Chute Systems

TSS Rubbish Chutes are used in the construction sector to safely discharge rubble from different floors of a building to avoid scattering of debris and any accidental damage to workers or pedestrians in the vicinity.

Formwork Systems

An efficient formwork system for constructions can solve many problems in the building site and represents an excellent way to save on costs of manufacture. Geoplast offers many products abled to realize a formwork for concrete that can satisfy a wide range of necessities: building walls, round columns, square and rectangular pillars, elliptic columns until to build an entire prefabricated house. GEOPANEL, GEOPANEL STAR, GEOTUB and GEOTUB PANEL are made of a recyclable plastic material that substitutes efficiently the traditional timber formwork, uncomfortable to use and to storage. Moreover, Geoplast’s products are lighter, faster to implement, modular (so it is possible to realize pillars, columns or walls of different shapes and dimensions), reusable many times.

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TSS Safety Net Fans

Fall Protection System – Assembly Sequence Video

TSS Meshguard

Edge Protection System – Assembly Sequence Video

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