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TSS Lifeline on roof

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TSS Lifeline on roof

The Lifeline system installed on roof absorbs energy in case of a fall with a limited cable deflection which is important for projects with a low fall clearance.

Applications of Lifeline on Roof

Maintenance of industrial roofs
Maintenance of residential roofs
Maintenance of architectural highlights and monuments roofs
Maintenance of airport roofs
Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs

Features and Benefits

Intermediate anchors with energy absorbing

The NEO anchor and the LDV004 are roof protecting thanks to their integrated shock absorbing system. Both are reusable anchors after stopping a fall. The NEO anchor is available in copper alloy for ATEX environments.

lifeline system on roof

Intermediate anchor EVO

The EVO anchor, a competitive solution, has been specifically designed for concrete grounds and rigid structures.

lifeline on roof

Glider with steel carabiner

Passes smoothly over the intermediate anchors. The end user can move freely along the lifeline without disconnecting. Opens only after 2 actions.

lifeline system on roof

Horizontal SecuRope lifeline installed directly on concrete

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