Flexideck Cantilever Loading Platform

Loading Platform Systems

Loading platforms are used in multi storey structures to crane heavy building material or scaffolding material into the structure. They are steel structures with designated load capacities with quick and easy installation and relocation ability.

  • Tested independently to 2 x SWL
  • Safe and easy installation with pre-designated lifting lugs tested to 2.5 x SW with Telescopic Props tested to 4 x SWL and hinged end panel doors
  • 6mm chequered plate with pedal hinge operated ramp
  • One person can retract or extend the platform
  • Stackable units for multiple unit transportation and storage

Loading Platform Types

Loading Platform Fixed 25 kN

Loading Platform Retractable 25 kN

Independently tested to twice the Safe Working Load

Loading Platform Fixed 50 kN

Loading Platform Retractable 50 kN

Loading Platform Retractable Dismantlable 25 kN

Loading Platform Light Duty


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TSS offers two kinds of Loading Platforms 2.5 ton & 5.0 ton supplied in Fixed or Retractable type with a flush deck or ramped options.

Platforms are made of structural steel with a variety of grades and sub-grades depending on the particular site requirements.

Loading platforms are pre-designed temporary structures used for safe and efficient loading and off-loading of goods and material on various floors of a building site.
Installed vertically inline or staggered, for reduced crane time and increased safety and productivity.
Loading platforms have been designed to safely carry 2xSWL with speed and economy in mind. For ease of installation, platforms are supplied with pre-designed lifting lugs, Telescopic Props, bolted side panels and hinged end panel doors.
The premium range offer tie-down sleeves, 6mm chequered plate deck with a built-in adjustable self-leveling ramp.
One person can retract or extend the platform.
All Platforms dismantle into a flat unit enabling stacking for ease of transport on trailers or containers, or storage in yard.